Paul Velocity

Platform Six Underground House Music Radio Show

Platform Six

A weekly hour long radio show featuring Underground House Music from around the world hosted by Paul Velocity Saturday nights from 7pm PT on Head to now to listen to the archived shows.

Platform Six began as an event held in Basingstoke in the UK inside of a venue located right next to a train station that had only five platforms. I “created” an imaginary sixth platform for blasting out House music. The event ran for about a year and when it ended, I kept the name and used it to broadcast a 2 hour twice-monthly radio show on both Lifted Radio and SSradio, two of the UKs biggest underground dance music radio stations. Each show was a combination of upfront music, interviews, guest mixes and club classics.

Image of a pair of headphones in the foreground with an Apple Thunderbolt display in the background showing a virtual mixing desk.

I had to stop making those shows after about 8 months, you might still be able to find some of the original shows on YouTube somewhere. In the Summer of 2019 I was approached by KRGB FM, they asked if I wanted to contribute towards their station and so Platform Six was reborn with a new format.

Platform Six now runs weekly as a one hour show each and every Saturday night from 7pm PT / 10pm ET.

We begin each show with a 15 minute mix of three upfront piano house vocal tracks as part of a warm up session. After that, we play the Platform Six Record of The Week, this is my most favourite, stand-out track that I have heard all week. After Record of The Week we go back into the mix, this time with some tougher beats and more of a dirty House music vibe. This is followed up with the Platform Six Throwback Track, an opportunity for me to relive my youth and play an oldskool track from yesteryear. It’s always something meaningful or important that I play and every single track I hand select holds a lot of nostalgia for me. Throwback Tracks tend to be dance music records from between 1995 and 2005. Before the lockdown of 2020 I would also run an events listing for the local Seattle area so that people nearby the station’s HQ can discover new music venues and events to attend. After that, it’s a straight up House music mix until the top of the hour and the end of the show finishing up with either Tech House or Breakbeat inspired beats.

Occasionally we will have a guest drop in and join us for a special guest mix which adds a nice element of variety to the show. Other than that, it's a laid back adventure throughout the current state of clubland, playing as many promos, exclusives and fresh out the studio music as we can.

You can tune in to the show when it airs live on KRGB at 7pm PT Saturday night by visiting KRGB.FM or you can listen to the shows archive at