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Sawtooth & Sine

Paul Velocity is one half of UK production duo Sawtooth & Sine, a couple of London based House Music producers with roots in Funky House and Club Classics. The duo came together in 2012 through a shared love of house music and the classic days of Piano House Anthems. Their mission is to bring some of that flavour and vibe that they know so well back to clubland where it belongs, along with their own unique twist.

Photograph of a rack of synthesizers in Reason.
Making that magic in Reason

In 2013, I teamed up with a buddy of mine, Mark, to begin making music. We both grabbed a copy of Reason each and learned how to use it. It took some time for us to really get to grips with studio production but eventually we put together our first ever track which was a remix of Summertime by DJ Satellite and Sonicspace.

The Sawtooth & Sine name is derived from two of the four waveform shapes that make up audio sound; the triangle, the sawtooth, the square and the sinewave. Neither one of us have decided upon being “Sawtooth” or “Sine” individually, it is just a name that refers to the production side of our personalities.

I really wasn’t sure how well making my own music would be received. It’s something that I had always wanted to do but had not had any formal training or education with and so I made music under a pseudonym in an attempt to separate myself from the DJ side and the production side of music. I wanted to make sure that I did not limit myself to any certain style or genre. At the time I was DJing a lot of Disco and Funky House and it simply would no make sense to release music of a different sound that had my name on it.

Close up cropped photo of Sawtooth & Sine playing an Oxygen 25 keyboard while sat in a chair. Just the hands and they keys are visible.
Our studio was born from humble origins

Our first track went out on New York based Beat Canteen records, this is a label owned by DJ John Gold who also runs the hugely successful promo discovery tool Hypeddit. It was part of a remix package for the track that included remixes by Grayson P.

In 2016 we released our first vocal led Piano House track titled Rumours. It was intended to be a grooving poolside vocal hit, full of horn stabs, rhodes and vocal chops harking back to UK Garage days. This track found a release with Global Dance Records and made it on to their Winter 2016 compilation album.

With our first release under our belt we became a lot more focussed and in 2017 put together enough tracks to launch our first EP with Global Dance Records. It contained six tracks all produced and engineered by Sawtooth & Sine across the atlantic. By this time I had moved from the UK to the US and Mark was still back in the UK. We completed these projects via dropbox, bouncing down stems and sending files back and forth between each other. It was an unusual way to work as we were never in the same studio as each other for any of it, but we managed to make it work.

An image showing the Sawtooth & Sine vinyl EP artwork comprosing of the wordmark at the center of a solar eclipse
Sawtooth & Sine's first EP

After releasing a few more individual tracks after the first EP, we made our second EP in 2019 that featured a more developed and mature sound. Tracks such as “I Need To Know” included the vocal talents of Katherine Ellis the stunning vocal talent who has also worked with Freemasons, Soul Avengerz, Dave Lee and Roger Sanchez.

Who knows what the future will bring for the Sawtooth & Sine duo and their music production? Watch this space.

Paul Velocity is one half of UK production duo Sawtooth & Sine. They make piano-led House Music and are currently signed to Global Dance Records. Listen to their latest releases on Beatport and check out the label they are signed to Global Dance Records.